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Zee Angle - Author of

Extinguished- Book One in the Butt Busters Series

When Butt Busters Women's Fitness Center owner, Stephanie Rharden, is discovered to have connections to a recent murder, Ketchum County's newest transplant is put on the case. An ex-California bodybuilder, Detective Taylor Sharkey brings to life all the bodybuilder magazines Stephanie drooled over in her youth, and proves to be an exciting distraction, plus a welcome buffer when she faces off with the arrogant Graydon Masterton, who has been pestering her with unsolicited offers to buy out her thriving business. But lies and deceptions run deep in the little town of Gulch Ridge and prove harder to exhume than a corpse....Read More

Readers Comments:

I just finished reading EXTINGUISHED. All I can say is WOW! Every chapter gave me something new and it didn't end until the very final chapter. This book, I give a FULL 5 stars! I can't wait for the movie to come out!
~ Bob A.

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A Matter of Chance

Sunny Brafford swore off men fourteen years ago when she kicked her lying, cheating husband out of her bed and out of her business, and Brafford Inn went on to be one of the most sought-after B&B locations in northern Wisconsin. Now, entering the new year, Sunny's at a place in her life where everything is good and there's not a thing she would change. But change is coming in as swiftly as the previous night's snowfall....Read More

Readers Comments:

A Matter of Chance is a delightful novel that contains everything you could hope for in a light romance ~ tension, humor, some mystery and, of course, romance. This is definitely a "must read." I am greatly looking forward curling up with more works by Zee Angle.
~ Linda J.

Disillusioned with men, Sunny gets roped and wrangled into an unwanted adventure that could derail her idea of what her life should be. Zee Angle tells a captivating tale of surprises that Sunny never imagined and that she was determined she wanted no part of. It is an enjoyable story that I found hard to put down!
~ Anita M.

I just finished A Matter of Chance and I thoroughly enjoyed it! What a delightful and imaginative story. I very much look forward to many more to come. You have a wonderful gift & I'm so glad you have been able to follow your dream while at the same time bringing reading pleasure to so many other people! Keep 'em comin girl!
~ Rosalie D.

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