About the Author

A fan of the whodunits, Zee wrote her first mystery many years ago titled EXTINGUISHED, Book One in the Butt Busters Series, which secured her an agent shortly after who absolutely loved the story. Zee went on to complete the sequel to the Butt Busters Series and was eventually told by her agent that she thought Zee deep down was really a romance writer. Zee didn't think so and as time went on and her agent wasn't able to sell her manuscripts, Zee ended her contract with her agent and left on an amicable basis. EXTINGUISHED was published in 2013 and now has a growing readership in nine countries!

Later on, with various other novels in the works, Zee started pondering her previous agent's words and so set everything else aside and set out to try her hand at a romance novel. Zee titled it A MATTER OF CHANCE, a story about a thick-shelled Wisconsin B&B owner whose well-ordered world gets unexpectedly turned 'right-side up' after she wins a contest she never entered for a vacation to a place she never wanted to go. A MATTER OF CHANCE was published in 2013, was entered in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Competition and finished as a Quarter Finalist. (Check out the new eBook cover Zee designed which reflects this award and which will soon be set to the print book as well!)

After A MATTER OF CHANCE, Zee wrote another mystery/romance titled TWISTED ROOTS, which was published in July of 2014 and is available in both eBook and trade paperback on Amazon and trade paperback through Barnes and Noble.

Zee will be releasing SHADOWS OF YOU, Book Two in the Butt Busters Series, in early December 2014. If you haven't yet read EXTINGUISHED, Book One in the Butt Busters Series, she invites you to do so before venturing into its sequel so you receive the maximum benefit from your reading experience.

Zee looks forward to completing more novels and hopes you enjoy the stories she has written for your reading pleasure.